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      Last week our music teacher taught us a song, named Indebted Heart. Through it I know that we should live with a thankful heart. At that time, I think of my parents. I think they are the first people I should thank. It’s them who give me life. It’s them who give me home. It’s them who bring me up. It’s them who look after me. It’s them who teach me knowledge and live happily. I should thank my parents giving me so much. Maybe I should think how to pay back the love my parents give me. But now I think the best way to be appreciated of my parents is to study well and then being a useful person to the society when I grow up.



      The Advantages of Owing More Children

      Many years ago, there were so many population in China, in order to control the fast increasing number of the population, the government carried out the family plan, every family was admitted to have one child. Now the policy has changed, people can have one more child, this will bring positive change for a family.


      Having one more child can foster the children with the quality of patience and independence. The parents are easy to pay all their attention to the only child, so they will spoil the child naturally. But having two children can deviate the parents’ attention, so the children will not be spoiled, they grow up with each other, in the long run, they will become more patient and independent, because they need to take care of each other.


      There also will be more fun in the family. Seeing the children playing with each other, the parents will be happy, they have a happy family, it brings them comfort in the hard work and strengthens the relationship. The advantages of owning more children are so obvious, thus many people choose to own one more child.



      Look up to the starry sky, just as its name implies is looked up at the sky deeper point is the courage to pursue, don't give up. But some people think that if you look up at the starry sky and there is no concern to the feet that walk down, rather than looking down at the foot go so that you won't be hurt. The German philosopher Hagel said: "only those who always lie in the pit never looked at the sky, will not fall into the pit." So we should always look up to the starry sky.

      "People go to high, water flows downwards", everyone will have such effort is often and success together. The great men of history hero was successful, because they have ambitious ideal pursuit. Like the Han Emperor Liu Bang, if he does not know how to look up to the starry sky, Xiang Yu forced himself, if he could not pursue how unified the world, how will be from a small booth to become a king.

      Look up at the starry sky is a prerequisite for success. Look up at the starry sky is like to build a skyscraper in the foundation, is the first complete is a must have; look up at the starry sky is like being manipulated compass, dominate his guide us direction. When I face in life we have to know how to smile, face life with a smile makes us more vigor to our stubborn in the face of the sad fate of resistance, so that we in the face of the passage of time when still young face life mentality.

      I'm not sure the pursuit will succeed but I'm sure no pursuit is not successful. There is no free lunch, those who desire to others to find himself a little not seek opportunities for people who are not likely to succeed. Only from no successful people fail, he didn't have no failure is not to lose, but you do not know what the result will be. Look up to the starry sky, people always think that the sky is mysterious and beautiful, the stars twinkle outline our vision, but the stars are not we want to fly on the space people know that only dust and particles. We only see the surface of things don't know it's true.

      Look up at the starry sky is that we should have a positive and progressive spirit, to do anything at all to learn not to give up the march forward courageously.







      However hard the situation is, we shouldn't lose our heart, because we have our dreams. Our dreams are always glorious. We also have enthusiasm that will make our dreams come true. But we must have the willingness to work hard, since if we work hard, some miracles will happen. Nothing good will happen without our hard work.


      What's more, when we are unhappy, we can think about our dreams, so that we will be more enthusiastic. When we are defeated, we should stand up and say," I'm not a failure." Please remember, “ Anything is possible to a man who has a strong determination.”



      I’m a dog lover, because dogs are tame, friendly and easy to communicate with. I have kept one in my house, whose name is Chocolate. She is covered with brown curly hair and looks like a Teddy Bear. Now we have been living together for two years, so I’m very familiar with her characteristics. When she is hungry, she often barks loudly. At that time, I begin to realize that it’s time to feed her. She is keen on beef and fish. Sometimes, she also eats some rice.


      Every day when I come home, she always jumps up to me happily, with her tail moving. She seems to be my best friend. As time goes by, the relationship between us becomes closer and closer. Therefore, I think her as an important member in my family. I really have the pleasure of her company.



      Overcome difficulties in learning English

      I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English. Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from non-nasals and they sound exactly the same in my dialect.

      Thus, I had a hard time telling “night” from “light” at the very beginning. My poor memory also added to the difficulties when I decided to enlarge my vocabulary. English words were so elusive that I could only remember them for a while.

      I have spared no efforts to overcome the difficulties and finally succeeded. In order to tell the slight difference between nasal sounds and non-nasals, I forced myself to speak mandarin everyday.

      Whenever I started to speak English, I reminded myself the difference between “night” and “light”.

      At first I felt it rather unnatural, but as I went on I was gradually accustomed to speaking in this way.

      As for my wretched memory, I gave up mechanical memorization and tried many other new ways.

      At last I found a most efficient way for me: memorizing English words by their stems and affixes. This is how I have overcome some difficulties in learning English.









      Cultural tourism

      With the development of living standards, going out to have a tourism is becoming a part of our life. But at the same time, uncivilized behaviors in tourism are frequently happening. So cultural tourism has became a hot topic in the society.

      Especially in vacations, phenomena of uncivilized behavior in parks or museums everywhere. Even in foreign countries, our Chinese citizens still do naturally, it seriously affected our country's image. Of course, it has caused bad loss in ancient buildings and antiquities and our environments. So it's urgent to advocate to have a cultural tourism.

      Firstly, we should keep in mind the sense of protecting the environment. And when we have a tourism, we had better watch out the warning words carefully and then obey the rules. For the sake of ourselves and our country, let's do some meaningful things for cultural tourism.