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      I'm a middle school student. My name is . I am fifteen years old. I'm going to have a very big and important exam in June, which will be a turning point in my life. Although my school work is very busy, I still spend some free time listening to the music. It makes me feel relaxed. I don't have many hobbies, but I can play the piano pretty well. When I feel sad or lonely, I am going to play a little piece of music.

      My grade is just so so, but I'm not worried. My parents always say that I'm lazy. Actually I just like to live in my own way. On the weeekends, I usually sleep until ten o'clock. As a girl in this age, I love shopping and pay more attention to my dresses. I even can go outside and play a whole day and don't feel tired.

      I do not only like sleeping but also like eating. Hot and spicy food is my favourite, so I often get pimples.

      That's me, not smart, but kind, not beautiful, but outgoing. I enjoy my original lifestyle.






      My Memory About Christmas Day

      Christmas Day is on December 25th, though it originated in the western country, now it is popular around the world. In China, people will spend that day happily, they will eat apples on Christmas Eve, the children will put the socks so that they could get the presents from Santa Claus. When I went to college, I had an unforgettable memory about my first Christmas Day.


      As my major is English, I have many foreign teachers, so that I could have access to the local culture from them. Christmas Day is a big day for them, when the day came, they asked us to spend the day with them, because most of them left home and did not have families around. My classmates and I went to the foreign teacher’s home at that day, we brought some presents, when we arrived at his house, we found a beautiful tree with shinning lights. My teachers taught us how to cook all the cookies, we were having such great fun. I made the cookies with many favors. We talked happily and sung Christmas songs.


      I learned how the foreign people spend their big day, it was such unforgettable for me.



      The Advantages of Owing More Children

      Many years ago, there were so many population in China, in order to control the fast increasing number of the population, the government carried out the family plan, every family was admitted to have one child. Now the policy has changed, people can have one more child, this will bring positive change for a family.


      Having one more child can foster the children with the quality of patience and independence. The parents are easy to pay all their attention to the only child, so they will spoil the child naturally. But having two children can deviate the parents’ attention, so the children will not be spoiled, they grow up with each other, in the long run, they will become more patient and independent, because they need to take care of each other.


      There also will be more fun in the family. Seeing the children playing with each other, the parents will be happy, they have a happy family, it brings them comfort in the hard work and strengthens the relationship. The advantages of owning more children are so obvious, thus many people choose to own one more child.



      Good afternoon, everyone!

      The topic of my speech today is “My Attitude to Pursuit of Fashion in School”.

      Now in our school there is a hot pursuit of fashion. Some students live a very expensive life. They have the same hairstyles as their favorable stars and wear top brand of clothes and shoes. Some use expensive mobile phones.

      The reasons why they do so are as follows. Firstly, they hope to look smart and special. Secondly, they want to win others’ admiration and respect. In addition, it makes them feel cool .

      As far as I am concerned, we students should hold the right sense of values. We should practice thrift in our daily life because it is one of our Chinese traditional virtues. What’s more , it is advisable for us to donate some pocket money to the Hope Project so that those poor children in rural areas can return to school to receive normal education. Last but not least, it is the inner beauty rather than our appearance that makes us respectable.

      Thank you for listening!


      Last month in Paris, a French company auctioned two bronze sculptures ---- a rat’s head and a rabbits head captured from China, which has aroused great public concern in China.

      As is known to all, the two bronze animal heads were made during the Qing Dynasty to decorate Yuanmingyuan. In 1860, the British and French troops broke into Beijing and burned down the royal garden, taking away millions of Chinese art works, including the two head relics.

      The Chinese government is strongly against this auction and has repeatedly asked for the free return of them according to the international laws. At the same time, the Chinese people have taken actions, too. Some people even flew to France, trying to stop the selling. However, the French company just wouldn’t listen.

      In my opinion, the auction should be strongly condemned. Not only has it hurt the feelings of the Chinese people but also it brought shame to France. As middle school students, we must study harder so that we can make our country more powerful in the future and stop any such things from happening again.



      由于眾所周知,這兩個青銅獸首均是在清代裝飾圓明園。 1860年,英法聯軍闖入北京,燒毀了皇家園林,帶走了中國的藝術作品以百萬計,其中包括兩個頭的遺跡。





      My best friend

      My best friend is Xiao Yi. She has short hair. She has two big eyes and a small mouth. She is tall and thin. She lives on the tenth floor of a tall building. There are five people in her family.

      Xiao Yi likes to do sports. She likes to play badminton and volley ball. Her favourite color is pink. Her favorite food is fish and vegetables, because they are healthy. Her hobby is reading books and riding a bike. She often plays the computer or goes shopping on the weekend. Sometimes we go to KFC together. We go there by car.

      I like my best friend—XiaoYi. We are good friends





      Overcome difficulties in learning English

      I have had many difficulties since I started to learn English. Since I come from the south of China, I can not distinguish nasal sounds from non-nasals and they sound exactly the same in my dialect.

      Thus, I had a hard time telling “night” from “light” at the very beginning. My poor memory also added to the difficulties when I decided to enlarge my vocabulary. English words were so elusive that I could only remember them for a while.

      I have spared no efforts to overcome the difficulties and finally succeeded. In order to tell the slight difference between nasal sounds and non-nasals, I forced myself to speak mandarin everyday.

      Whenever I started to speak English, I reminded myself the difference between “night” and “light”.

      At first I felt it rather unnatural, but as I went on I was gradually accustomed to speaking in this way.

      As for my wretched memory, I gave up mechanical memorization and tried many other new ways.

      At last I found a most efficient way for me: memorizing English words by their stems and affixes. This is how I have overcome some difficulties in learning English.