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      Life is fair to everyone, suffering is only to show the great significance of truly beautiful life. Einstein could not speak until he was four years old and could not read until he was seven years old. The teacher commented on him as " slow - witted, unsociable and full of unrealistic fantasies." He was expelled from school and was also rejected when he applied to Zurich Institute of Technology. Edison's reaction was extremely slow when he was a child. Teachers all thought that he had no ability to learn. He did more than 2,000 experiments before he invented the light bulb. A reporter asked him how he felt about having failed so many times. He replied, " I have never failed once. I invented the light bulb, and the whole process of invention had just 2,000 steps. " Frustration is something everyone has to go through. It can happen at every stage of our life, but it obviously doesn't mean your path is over. On the contrary, it is likely to be a turning point in life, which can fully promote a person's growth and then create a brilliant life. The important thing is whether you can break through the thick fog, stick to it and keep the clouds open.


      We all came to this world alone. Facing the uncertain future, we need not only the guidance of parents and teachers, but also the friends who can support each other and move forward. However, can everyone become our real good friends? If you have a friend, happy things, he shares with you; Sad things, he shared for you; He gives you encouragement when you are discouraged. When lonely, he gives you warmthNeedless to say, he must be your real friend. If you have a friend, you can drink together, have fun together and call each other brothers. However, there is no equal treatment and sincere communication between each other, and even there is another purpose, so you can be sure that he is not your true friend and is not worth your sincere efforts. Good friends can encourage us to go forward and benefit us immensely. Improper friends may bring us many bad habits and may make us regret for life. When we grow up, we inevitably care about what others think of us. We are most afraid that our friends will not accept us and make us lonely. Therefore, sometimes in order to gain recognition, we may deliberately cater to the habits and needs of our friends. Therefore, we must choose our friends carefully so as not to be used by people with ulterior motives.


      In the Sunday, me and my family to Yancheng Spring Park to play. To the Spring and Autumn Park, I saw a beautiful rockery seat, there is water flowing out of the mountains. To the Confucian Scholars 100 homes, we can see a statue of Confucius and his students study the statue. We then walked to see a 4D show homes, which we see the "Legend of Yancheng City," three-dimensional movies.

      Entertainment subject area in spring and there merry, canyon rafting, fly so high and other titles. We play a canyon drift, where the hardships, hair-raising, the water will cool from time to time in our body. Then, my father and I play a high-altitude flight, while it increased side spin, turn my head spin. About, and I even cardinal points are not quite sure of.

      Me and my family came to the water recreation area, there are water plum pile, water single-plank bridge, water chains ... chains ... I play in the water, I stood two chains, and felt a little flustered, afraid to move forward walk, then father, mother's encouragement, I adjusted the tempo, getting faster and faster, soon went to the shore.

      Today, we are having a great time, Yancheng Spring Park is truly our paradise!


      My name is Chen Wei.Female.I was born at Taizhou,Zhejiang in March,1983.I began my schooling at Huanshan Primary School and learned there for six years. After that I entered Taizhou Middle School in 1996 and graduated in 2002.In the autumn of the same year I was admitted to Zhejiang University,majoring in English in Foreign Language College.Besides,I also studied Chinese,politics,history,geography and computer science.Drawing,taking photos and swimming are my hobbies.What's more,I am skilled in typing and I once won the first prize in the typing contest in English held by our college.



      However hard the situation is, we shouldn't lose our heart, because we have our dreams. Our dreams are always glorious. We also have enthusiasm that will make our dreams come true. But we must have the willingness to work hard, since if we work hard, some miracles will happen. Nothing good will happen without our hard work.


      What's more, when we are unhappy, we can think about our dreams, so that we will be more enthusiastic. When we are defeated, we should stand up and say," I'm not a failure." Please remember, Anything is possible to a man who has a strong determination.



      Cultural tourism

      With the development of living standards, going out to have a tourism is becoming a part of our life. But at the same time, uncivilized behaviors in tourism are frequently happening. So cultural tourism has became a hot topic in the society.

      Especially in vacations, phenomena of uncivilized behavior in parks or museums everywhere. Even in foreign countries, our Chinese citizens still do naturally, it seriously affected our country's image. Of course, it has caused bad loss in ancient buildings and antiquities and our environments. So it's urgent to advocate to have a cultural tourism.

      Firstly, we should keep in mind the sense of protecting the environment. And when we have a tourism, we had better watch out the warning words carefully and then obey the rules. For the sake of ourselves and our country, let's do some meaningful things for cultural tourism.


      Imagine a typical student named Lucy that has to get up early to attend extra courses on weekends. First, she went to Pudong to have a skectching lesson. Then, she has to ride the car back to Songjiang to attend a music course. Hours were spent on transportation, but she only learn few things. We all have experiences like that. Transportation between places wastes much time and we should avoid them. Today, we're going to talk about why it's such a big problem and the possible solutions to it.

      Firstly, a huge amount of people's time was spent on transporting. According to velaction.com, citizens spend one-fourth of thier time in average on tranportation. This lower our efficiency and the knowledge we could learn. Secondly, transportation makes children bored and unhappy. According to nationalexpresstransit.com, long periods of transportation may have impact on students' memory and arithemetric. Again, this makes us learn less things in the same amount of time, not more.

      The best solution to this problem is to learn more online at home. Firstly, we can schedule our own learning at home. According to mindtools.com, students can manage their study time as they want and they can be more effective when learning. This lets us improve our efficiency and learn how to manage our time. Secondly, we can just stay at home and waste no more time on transportation.

      In conclusion, if we study online, we can improve our learning efficiency the most. Online courses also have a advantage because it's cheaper and it have proffesional teachers. More and more students will choose to learn online in the future.