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      owadays, pets become so close and friendly to our human-beings that more and more people enjoy keeping them. Pets can bring them a lot of joys and happiness, because playing with pets is a good way to communicate with the nature. Besides, pets can comfort old people who live alone. With the companion of pets, they won’t feel lonely. Nevertheless, I’m not interested in keeping pets at all. For one thing, keeping pets is bad for environmental protection, since pets usually make a lot of noise and contaminate the roads. For another, the virus carried by pets may cause fatal disease. What’s more, sometimes pets may attack people when they are unhappy. Consequently, we had better not keep too many pets, so as to ensure our health and security. Besides, those pet lovers must take some effective measures to prevent their pets from hurting people and polluting our environment.



      With the improvement of living level, the goods' package have become more and more complicated and exaggerated. Thus, the phenomenon of the excessive packaging is common around us. Such as Mid-autumn moon cakes. But what factors contribute to this phenomenon?

      Firstly, as we all know, a large number of markets and stores think that goods which are well-decorated could attract consumers and inspire consumers to purchase goods. So they can earn more money. Secondly, consumers hold the idea that the more elegant the goods look, the better quality of the commodity is. What's more, the government didn't make relevant rules to prevent this phenomenon.

      Personally speaking, excessive packaging has a bad influence on our environment, which also wastes precious resources. So we should increase our awareness of consuming and save rare resources. At the same time, some useful measures should be taken by the government. It's high time we took action to prevent this situation. Only in this way can we put an end to this trend.


      Every year, there are tens of thousands of people looking for a job. For a successful job search, job interview is the most important part. But how to prepare for the job interview? Here are some important tips.


      Firstly, find a company you want to work for. Then, your understanding of the company will make the interviewers know that you value this opportunity so much and let them employ you. Secondly, review your resume and imagine what the interviews may ask you. Then think about how you should answer the questions. Thirdly, carefully pick out what to wear. Since the job interview is the only time to sell yourself, you ought to make a good impression on the interviewers. Wear tidy suits and keep your shoes clean. Last, have a good sleep before the night of the job interview, because no interviewers will like an interviewee who looks tired and exhausted.


      If you can do well in above tips, I believe you will get into next round.



      What is healthy diet? To the most people, healthy diet means more green foods, no junk foods. The green food is those pollution-free, high quality and nutrient food, including the organic vegetables and meats, fruits, eggs and so on. The meals of healthy diet should be cooked with fewer salt and oil. And the junk food is those low nutrition, high calorie, processed food with much salt or oil, such as the fries, fried chickens, salted eggs and so on. These foods will cause one get weight and increase the risk of many diseases. We should keep a healthy diet, abandon the junk food to keep ourselves healthy.


      With the harsh competition in today's society, more and more people complain about their stress in their daily life. Stress mainly comes from our work, study and families. When we feel stressed, we often have bad moods on the day and can't sleep well at night. That's too bad for our health. To help ease stress, some good ways are suggested. Firstly, we can chat with our parents and friends. Maybe they can give us some good advice. Secondly, we ought to do some exercise, which can help us have a nice sleep at night. Moreover, we are supposed to balance our life with more outdoor activities, so as to make our life more colorful and vivid.



      In recent years, the forests have been getting smaller and smaller for more and more people cut down trees for money. As trees grow naturally, people don't need to invest anything on them. But cutting down trees has destroyed our nature. We have already seen the bad consequence. For example, we always suffer from the flood and drought disaster; many animals are facing the danger of dying out, because their habitats have been destroyed; deserts are expanding, and sandstorms are emerging. Our environment has been changed from bad to worse due to the reduction of forests. Thus, the government should appeal people that cutting down trees breaks the balance of our nature. Those who continue to cut down trees should be punished severely.



      Nowadays, divorce rate has been rising sharply in China, because most people think that it's better to get divorced than stick to a bad marriage. But for those couples who have children, they had better think over before getting divorced. Parents' divorce may have some negative effects on their children. Firstly, the love of father is different from the love of mother. Children need both of the love. Without each of the love, they may not grow up healthily. Secondly, in order to raise the family, the single parents have to work harder, so that they may have less time to accompany with their children. The children may feel neglected, which may cause mental problems. Besides, if the single parents get married again, the children may get hurt by calling another person father or mother. If they can't get along well with each other, the situation will become even worse. Thus, for the sake of their children, parents are not supposed to get divorced in a rush. They should think twice.